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Design your own shoes

June 30, 2002 - 2:16 am Comments Off on Design your own shoes

Design your own shoes
I’m horrified that the Yatta video didn’t make it to this list
The Top 13 Little-Known Rules of Beer Drinking
Get a free copy of the Constitution and see what America is all about
Take the Political Compass test and post results in the comments

Friday Five! Better late

June 28, 2002 - 9:44 pm Comments Off on Friday Five! Better late

Friday Five! Better late than never…

When was the last time you…

1. …sent a handwritten letter? A few months ago to my cousin’s wife. It was a sympathy note after her father had been killed in an accident.

2. …baked something from scratch or made something by hand? Hot fudge pudding cake! mmmmmmm….

3. …camped in a tent? I don’t think I’ve ever camped in a tent, but the last time I went camping was, well, at camp, wayyyyyyy back in 1987. Why camp when you can sleep in air conditioned spendor, is what I say.

4. …volunteered your time to church, school, or community? Hmm… I think the last volunteer work I did was ushering at a few plays around 1995. I am considering applying for La Leche League leader, though.

5. …helped a stranger? Last thing I actively remember is giving my lower numbered ticket to some guy at the post office when I got tired of standing in line.

Need help passing your

June 28, 2002 - 9:31 pm Comments Off on Need help passing your

Need help passing your piss test?
What’s that old saying? Don’t take a knife to a gun fight.
Jailbait or legal?

It is gettting harder and harder to find good links. Maybe it’s because school’s out or something.

The nine month old

June 28, 2002 - 8:17 pm Comments Off on The nine month old

The nine month old fell over the other day and smashed her head on a table leg. She grew an enormous goose egg and now has a nice big black bruise right smack dab in the middle of her forehead. She is an utter and total monkey and gets into everything and she quietly yarked yesterday after eating cheese. Then she played with the yark and then she came over and wiped her hands on my leg.

Man, we have a lot of cleaning to do before M. and D. come over with the kids. This is going to be a very full and happy house for the night but I imagine quite noisy as well. I’ve got an economy sized bottle of ibuprofen for M. and me. I’ll wager that the guys will retire to the porch and drink beer and be loud out there. Perhaps we can all go out there and play spades. I haven’t played in so long, I’ll probably end up bidding nil with the king of spades in my hand (hellooooooooo, K.C.!)

I’m supposed to be beta testing a game right now but I’m stuck playing Neverwinter Nights and I can’t… stop…! We finally got the LAN multiplayer thing going on but hub and I have totally different playing styles. I methodically and anally go through every single house, chest, box, pile of refuse, bag, pile of stones, or anything else that can be opened. I talk to everyone who has a real name (i.e. not “Stinky Peasant”). I try to get all the quests assigned to me that I can and then I go and complete them. All. Oh, and I’m a compulsive saver, too. I save before entering any door or new area, and before talking to anyone who looks important, and after every battle.

Hub just does his shit, gets the job done, moves on. I think I’m driving him crazy.

Somehow I got started reading the drug use trip reports over at and it’s like looking at a train wreck. I must have read 100 since last night. People actually eat nutmeg to get high, for cry-eye-eye.

I looked up to

June 27, 2002 - 3:22 pm Comments Off on I looked up to

I looked up to the sky and saw a satellite that I had desperately been searching for. I knew it was the right one because it was shaped like a Tie Fighter. As I watched in horror, it crashed into several other satellites and dragged them out of orbit. Nobody else could see them, although thousands were looking. The old lady on the sidewalk thought she saw something, but wasn’t sure. I could see Venus and Jupiter but everyone else just saw blank sky.

And nobody believed me about the crash. I was reviled by the world for being a fear-monger. Depressed, I went to play Scrabble with an ex-boyfriend and a girl I went to school with. They were just awful to me, nasty, vicious, cruel. They wouldn’t even let me pick my own Scrabble letters.

Germany throws a pity

June 26, 2002 - 2:30 pm Comments Off on Germany throws a pity

Germany throws a pity party, cries that nobody loves them.
Accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior before January 1, 2003 and Receive a Free Digital Phone!
DO NOT TELL the man in your life about this.

I had a nightmare

June 26, 2002 - 12:52 pm Comments Off on I had a nightmare

I had a nightmare last night that I was part of the Capone gang. We had gone to a safe house to try to hide from the feds but I got a bad feeling about it and insisted that we get out of there. I had to round up all the cats and the dog into the carriers so we could go. Al Capone said he’d go out first to check out the situation. They shot him.

We had been on the lam because we had firebombed someone’s house with bricks covered in jellied gasoline.

Nothing to say except

June 25, 2002 - 10:55 pm Comments Off on Nothing to say except

Nothing to say except my head hurts so bad that my eyes are watering. Just took drugs. Hopefully better soon.