Now it can be told…

March 19, 2007 - 9:58 pm Comments Off on Now it can be told…

Since last year, I’ve been writing the parts of two characters in the alternate reality game that accompanied the United States release of the Korean movie, The Host. You can check out my writing on Enhance Yourself, where I played Amie Adams, or on KoreanFilmFan’s Myspace page, where I wrote the blog entries, audio scripts, and video scripts for Sun-Yi Park.

This was my first professional ARG job and it was a great experience. It’s always fabulous working with the incredibly talented and good-looking Dave Szulborski, who was the evil genius behind the project.

And if you like movies, please check out The Host. It’s a monster movie and a family drama with lots of pathos all rolled up together. Plus, the special effects are really amazing. It’s currently on screen in several cities and will be opening in more this Friday.

Coming up soon, I will be involved with World Without Oil, which is another ARG but it’s a “serious game” rather than a marketing campaign (not that there’s anything wrong with marketing campaigns!). It promises to be thought-inspiring, collaborative, and really interesting. It’s already getting a good amount of press, from MTV to Gamasutra, thanks to Jane McGonigal’s GDC keynote. I’m really excited about it.

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