July 9, 2007 - 1:12 am Comments Off on 1408

1408. Great movie. One of the best Stephen King adaptations; probably the best horror adaptation since Kubrick’s Shining. It was a real tour de force for Cusack; although the director should have reined him in at a couple of points, I think that Cusack might be up for some acting awards for his performance. At one point hub had full body goosebumps. At another, I was a weepy mess. Highly recommended.

Although one quibble: what the hell is a movie in 2007 doing when it prominently displays a telephone number (1-LOW-FEE-1408) and then doesn’t have anything at that real-world number? I don’t care much about the context of the number in the story – having it function for viewers to call in would have been cheap and a great experience-extender. Are you listening to me, Stephen King? I’ll extend your experience! Call me! Resume’s linked on the right sidebar…

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