July 21, 2007 - 1:29 am 1 Comment

How to describe the Harry Potter phenomenon? The air is full of excitement right now, between the Harry Potter fans anxiously awaiting the release of the final book in the series and those who don’t understand the culture. It’s confusing who so many people expend so much energy insulting the people who love the book. Parties are going on all over town on Friday night – release night – and already the radio stations and internet are abuzz with how “stupid” those Harry Potter fans are, and how they need to “get a life.” What’s it to them? How is it harming them? Those people who aren’t fans aren’t forced to read the books or go to the release parties if they don’t want to, so why do they spend time thinking of ways to pick on the fans?

It’s like this with many subcultures. People roll their eyes at people attending fan conventions, or standing in line for the iPhone, or dressing up as Chewbacca to go see the Star Wars movie. Yet I can find no good reason why they seem to be so offended by the concept. The kids are having fun. The grownups are having fun. So what if it’s a children’s series? There’s no reason to lose the magic just because you’re over the age of 18.

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  1. Caro Says:

    Here Here! I’m reading this one really slowly so that I actually absorb everything. I’m a little sad that it’s the last one, but I’m really excited to see what happens. I’m also scared of the internet right now, like every website I open might have spoilers in big bold letters across the front page.

    Usually I race through books, but I find that I miss some less important bits, and right now I’m finding that I really should have read book 6 again before I got this book. I spent the first few chapters going (spoiler for book 6 if anyone hasn’t read it yet) *********************
    “Who’s R.A.B and why does Harry have his locket?!?”

    then a few pages later I clicked 😛