Smells… like a sewer

October 20, 2007 - 3:56 pm 2 Comments

We paid a load of money to get off our septic tank and onto West Lake Hills’ sewer service. We were pretty shocked when we started getting our bills every month – right now we’re paying $80/month for sewer ONLY, not counting water. Today our bill had a notice that the city council has raised rates because they’re losing $24,000 a month on the sewer service (it’s been seriously mismanaged from the start) and residential rates are going up an average of 50%.

Screw that. We’re calling to find out what it’s going to take to get back on septic. We don’t need to be paying $1400+ a year on sewer service. I’ve regretted the move ever since we made it, for many reasons – not the least of which is that the sewer service depends on power, so if our lights go out, our toilets won’t flush. Something about a grinder pump.

2 Responses to “Smells… like a sewer”

  1. Caro Says:

    Wow, do you live in a rural area or something? that is a huge huge huge amount of money!

  2. addlepated Says:

    No, I’m about 7 minutes from the state capitol. :\