February 23, 2008 - 3:39 pm 2 Comments

I ran into people talking about gutta percha three times in the last week. I’d never heard of it before.

I got invited to join the honors society at school.

I also submitted a paper about Disney’s parks and how they relate to Fisher’s Narrative Theory for presentation at SOURCE, my school’s annual conference, and it was accepted. I’ll be presenting it on April 11.

I submitted my application for graduate school and, once I get my degree plan signed, should be accepted with no problem. I also heard back from the new person assigned to evaluate my portfolio for Emerging Technologies and she said to expect to see that on my transcript sometime next week (I submitted the damned thing in November!).

I’m all registered for SXSWi, which ITVS was kind enough to do since World Without Oil is a finalist in the Web Awards. Don’t forget that you can vote EVERY DAY for WWO in the People’s Choice awards. It just takes one click a day.

We made reservations for a return trip to Disney World this August. This year we’re going to try The Polynesian Resort. Staying at the Villas at Wilderness Lodge was just heavenly last year, what with the full size fridge, washer/dryer, and separate living/sleeping areas, but the big drawback was that it wasn’t on the monorail. I think we can sacrifice a lot for that convenience. We’ll see if we end up speaking to each other when it’s all over.

Last, I’ve been bleaching my teeth for the last 9 days and haven’t had one stinking cup of coffee or tea since I started and I’m damned grouchy.

Ok, sorry, that wasn’t last; this is: we finally got an XBox 360 and picked up Rock Band and Guitar Hero III. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun.

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  1. varin Says:

    “I also submitted a paper about Disney’s parks ”

    Does that mean you get to write off your Disney trip as a work research expense? 😉

  2. addlepated Says:

    HA, don’t I wish! 😆