In Soviet Russia, Rabbithole Falls Down You

May 7, 2008 - 1:25 pm 1 Comment

I’ve gotten a ton of trailheads in the last several days.

First came Violette’s Dream, who emailed me a Carroll-esque poem. Turns out that one’s for Velvet Assassin, an upcoming video game.

Then there was this huge protracted spammy conversation on Twitter from a couple of people who had recently friended me. I made a small comment once it was over to tickle people with the clue feather rather than hit them over the head with a clue-by-four, after which said spammy conversators unfollowed me. Ah, well.

Then I got an email in code from Mr. Boddy promising drinks, dinner, and mayhem on May 11. This appears to be a grassroots for-fun event. I was assigned my character and backstory this morning. Seems like Clue online. I’m pretty excited about it, but that could be because I pretend it’s Tim Curry I’m talking to.

Today I found this package on my doorstep. Inside was a redacted letter, a package of Emergen-C with a sticker on it, and… an origami crane? At first I thought someone sent me a crane instead of Varin, who’s putting together the strings for Dave Szulborski, but then I realized this was a trailhead. I’m a little disturbed about the contents. We’ll see what happens.

ETA: I’m less disturbed. I think it was in respect, not anything underhanded.

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