So we finally went

June 25, 2002 - 3:19 am Comments Off on So we finally went

So we finally went to see Star Wars: Attack of the Clones last night. I really enjoyed it. Much better than I anticipated. Although everyone else seems to hate Hayden Christensen, I didn’t mind him at all. I don’t think he gave an Oscar caliber performance or anything, but I see where the actor was going with the character. In trying to show conflict between raging emotions and the effort to maintain the calm Jedi exterior, he went for the subdued, almost whipped-dog approach rather than play it over the top. Yeah, he was a little whiny, but at least there was no mention of going to “Toshi station to pick up some power converrrrrrrrrterrrrrrrrrs!”

I really don’t have that much to say, other than I’ve been playing Neverwinter Nights for the past oh, 4 hours or so. I missed it that much.

Idiotically I stopped taking my pills when it looked like the panic attacks were done. Well they weren’t. They’re back full freaking force and I sincerely hope that it’s not going to take 5 months of drugs to make them stop again. For those of you playing at home, I’ve got this nasty case of post partum depression that manifests itself as panic attacks. It’s happened with both kids. Any sort of situation where I feel that I don’t have complete and utter control is able to make me panicky. You can bet I’m a lovely passenger.

The two year old is staying with her grandparents for a couple of days for a visit. She told her grandma today that she “wanted her mama”. Pack your bags, cause we’re going on a guilt trip! Yeeeeeeeeeehaw!

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