Catching the Wish

April 28, 2009 - 8:49 pm 3 Comments

I spent the weekend in Pennsylvania at the memorials for Dave Szulborski. I’m still incapable of expressing all that he meant to me. He was a mentor and a friend and a big brother and an inspiration. It seems impossible to me that I won’t be exchanging chatty emails with him anymore and hearing about the amazing stuff he’s been working on lately.

Anyway, I looked through my backup drive and found this old treasure from Catching the Wish in 2006. Here’s the story: The mayor and other entities were fighting to tear down the library and digitize all the books. Dave’s character, Dale Sprague, and my character, Sarah Wyatt, were totally opposed to the idea. The players rallied to the cause, bombarding the fictional development company with email and setting up a petition site to save the library. This is the audio recording of a call-in City Council meeting where Aglaura opened the floor to let non-residents make statements about the issue. All those who called in were players, save the crazy singing lady, who was one of the puppetmasters – Haley Moore. 😉  Mayor Dobbs was played by Paul Melamud, Sam was Michelle Senderhauf, Bruce was Nick Braccia, and Diana was Kassandra Standridge.



Aglaura City Council Meeting, June 22, 2006 (MP3)

3 Responses to “Catching the Wish”

  1. Pixie Says:

    This was one of the most entertaining moments in I’ve had during my time as a player. I practiced my little tyrade for a LONG time before this event. One of the MOST rare moments I gave my real name… Heh.

  2. varin Says:

    Weren’t we having horrible technical difficulties behind the scenes on this? Or am I just mis-remembering because of how terrified I was?

  3. addlepated Says:

    It seems to me that we were having power outages and the call bridge was broken and all kinds of fun stuff.