This is your final final-final warning

May 3, 2009 - 4:31 pm 1 Comment

Jason Eyer, the man behind the phone calls

How many times have you gotten a phone call in the last week telling you that your car warranty is about to expire or that your credit card interest rate could be lower? I got three calls on Friday alone. This is one of the fine, upstanding individuals behind the calls. Note the scruffy face, the greasy hair, the all-around look of lizard-like complacency.

For more info on the scam, this Ask Metafilter thread has a lot of good links to follow. The people are crooks that don’t give a damn about the national do-not-call database and they prey on the old, sick, and weak. Karma’s a bitch.

One Response to “This is your final final-final warning”

  1. Ruf Says:

    Poor Jason, the FTC laid the bejesus on him Dec. 8 2009
    I bet he doesn’t sound too cocky now since the Court froze all his assets.
    Sucks to be Jason about now…