I really hate dealing

April 28, 2002 - 11:48 pm Comments Off on I really hate dealing

I really hate dealing with idiots. I sold something on eBay to a guy who apparently used to be on home.com but never bothered to update his email address. Strike #1. Then he updated it, I emailed him and told him to either Paypal me or let me know if he wanted to send a money order so I could provide a snail mail address, and he sent back a snippy reply saying that I didn’t give him an address. Strike #2. Next idiot thing he does, I’m going off on him.

After searching all over the darn town for nice outdoor furniture, we found some at the grocery store, of all places. Tonight we reclaimed our porch (that’s not our stuff, it’s the previous owner’s) and put a table and chairs out there. Then we sat down and had a really cold beer. Delicioso!

I know, I know, you’re asking “But where are the wastes of time? I want my wastes of time! First, I must direct you to the Waste of Time Forum, where you may chat with fellow time-wasters to your heart’s content.

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