Draggin’ Age

November 12, 2009 - 3:50 pm 1 Comment

I have now spent 8 hours of my life trying to get Dragon Age to work under either Crossover or Parallels (both of which have been reported on the interwebz as being successful by someone or another) to no avail. My Windows partition is only 20 gigs, which is the minimum amount of bloody free space required to run the bloody game, so to run it under Boot Camp I’d need to use an external hard drive. I’m having twitchy flashbacks of trying to install The 11th Hour. I might need therapy.

One Response to “Draggin’ Age”

  1. Kenneth G. Cavness Says:

    Well, blarg. I wish I had any info at all to provide here, but my sympathies.

    If you have an XBox360, you can play that version!