Weekly Tweets

December 5, 2010 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Madam Mams has failed me! A "G" is not a "P" and I did not want this curry. Wah. #
  • The deadline for the Unfiction Sekrit Santa exchange is upon us! If you want to be included, please get with me ASAP! #
  • Nachos fix everything. #
  • A yodeling pickle. http://amzn.to/eLEicK #
  • My daughter came down from bed, complaining that our Labrador Retriever was chirping and/or purring in his sleep. #
  • Sinking feeling: when you realize you messed up at the beginning of an 86" long scarf that you just finished blocking. #
  • Sometimes you set out a worm and you get a nibble from a whale. #
  • Got my husband worms at the candy store. BBQ flavored. #
  • Other scores from the candy store: Wacky Packs and candy cigarettes. #

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