Weekly Tweets

February 20, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Ugh, this hotel room smells like an Abercrombie and Fitch threw up in it. #
  • The thermostat doesn't have any words on it, just three circular symbols that all look fundamentally the same. #
  • Of course there's a guy here with tight jeans and pointy white boots! #
  • For a minute I thought he was going to sit in my line of sight. No way I could eat without laughing. Good thing he moved. #
  • The elevator announces the floor with a tone of mild incredulity: "Floor four?!" As in, "You don't _really_ want to get off _here_, do you?" #
  • Breaking down in the fast lane while driving up a big hill with 18 wheelers all behind you is almost as good as cardio. #
  • Give me a small regional airport over a giant hub monstrosity any day. #
  • Apparently "Business Center" = "Bar" and not "Place To Do Business." Interesting. #
  • Driving through the desert, tumbleweeds aplenty, eclectic station playing big band and old country and BAM, I was IN Fallout: New Vegas. O_O #
  • Couldn't figure out why the restaurant was full of seniors and little kids until I realized I went to dinner an hour earlier than I thought. #
  • If I were downloading any slower, I'd be uploading. #
  • Today's cheap thrill was brought to me by the TSA. #
  • To be clear, I did opt out. #
  • Hahaha, bless your soul – you really think you're in control? #
  • Snow snow snow! http://yfrog.com/hsuaeblj #

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