Weekly Tweets

July 24, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Papercraft of Ian Rankins' books has been appearing all over Scotland's libraries, and nobody's sure why: http://bit.ly/pPdccA #transmedia #
  • 50 minutes until Breaking Bad. Ohboy ohboy ohboy! #
  • Giancarlo Esposito holy CRAP has presence! #breakingbad #
  • Till this evening is this morning life is fine. #
  • For a brief, fleeting moment, Minnesota was the hottest, most humid spot on the planet yesterday: http://bit.ly/nxR1n1 #
  • Texas would like to welcome the rest of the nation to our sort of spring, summer, and fall weather. #
  • American Express fraud department is on the ball! #
  • Everyone KNOWS beer is a foodstuff! RT @baconator: WTF is wrong with Russia? http://bbc.in/ous1w6 #
  • This is an EXCELLENT piece on community building and moderation by Anil Dash: http://bit.ly/ooGtSU #
  • Colonial Williamsburg launches a SMS-heavy alternate reality game. Cognitive dissonance? http://mwne.ws/rkzvOK #transmedia #
  • Best 5k ever! Zombie infested course called Run For Your Lives http://bit.ly/qsGDid (via @jennmannitis) #zombies #
  • There's a restaurant in New Orleans that has a bacon sundae. Yes, please. #

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