Hey, our pet rats

April 30, 2002 - 1:43 pm Comments Off on Hey, our pet rats

Hey, our pet rats keep disappearing
When the Taliban’s away, the calf we’ll slay
Oh for heaven’s sake, this is getting silly
Ahhhhh, France
For the Apocalyptic-phile in your life
To the tune of “Istanbul (not Constantinople)”
It’s only been TWELVE FRIGGING YEARS, but it’s out

³The church is pretty much saying, ŒIf you stop ordaining gays you¹ll stop the sexual abuse¹,² says the priest. ³Isn¹t that like saying, ŒLet¹s stop ordaining blacks so there won¹t be any more crime in the rectories¹?²
– a gay Catholic priest in New York

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