Daily Gold Box

July 29, 2002 - 2:42 pm 2 Comments

Accutire MS-4000GB Deluxe Backlit Lithium Digital Tire Gauge – $17.74 (it comes with its own carrying case)
Bucket Boss Brand 83200 Super Bib – $12.59 (handy for eating lobster?)
Fiskars 79366935 PowerGear Pruner – $17.19 (for when the hub gets out of hand)
Mag Instrument S4D016 Black Heavy Duty 4 D-Cell Flashlight – $17.09 (I’d take it if we didn’t already have 2)
Sonin 10075 Laser Target Range Finder – $37.49 (eh)

2 Responses to “Daily Gold Box”

  1. michigan . Says:

    dude. i got the first three also. and some kind of super clamp something or other as well. i forget the fifth thing.

    what the fuck? how about like $3 beatles cds or something obvious?


  2. steph Says:

    damn, i had lawn furniture galore. and nondescript pieces of wood (which they had run out of).

    i’m with michigan — how about $3 cds? hell, even $7 cds would be ok — as long as it’s something useful and worth the hassle of opening netscape to check it out.