I don’t want to go back on the cart

July 31, 2002 - 1:36 am 1 Comment

Searching for the aforementioned flower decals on Google, the 5th hit is for a pet casket website. Ok, yes, I know, I have a very ill cat, but do you have to keep thrusting it in my face?


Gus update: he’s home from the vet. His numbers are better, but I can tell that he feels terrible. He was so listless today that I took him back for a quick check, and the vet couldn’t find any immediate reason for Gus to feel so terrible, but if he’s this bad tomorrow afternoon to call back.

One Response to “I don’t want to go back on the cart”

  1. pie Says:

    Aw the poor little guy… It makes me feel so helpless when my dogs are feeling poorly, since you can’t even ask them what might help. I hope Gus feels better!