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April 15, 2012 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • They're always after me lucky charms. #
  • I want THIS cereal!! http://t.co/2Nfnbnaf #fallout #traderjoes #
  • Four days of no school and there's about to be a massacre up in here. Can't WAIT for summer break. #
  • Kid 1 ripped up Kid 2's drawing, so Kid 2 slugged Kid 1 in the kisser. I wonder, if I had boys, if it would have been calmer. #
  • Now they are downstairs giggling together. Kids, man. Kids. #
  • Dark Score Stories has been named a 2012 Webby Honoree in the Television category! http://t.co/DeHE43l7 #
  • Holy Twitter follower spambomb… 38 and counting in the last 10 minutes. #
  • Orcs! And so far from Orcland! http://t.co/4wmOk2k #
  • Officially down 50 pounds as of this morning. 10 of those were this year. #
  • Now hear this: In matters of The Killing, I win the angry. #
  • This is why you shouldn't text and walk. Because: BEARS. http://t.co/jIXRHSn #
  • If you can't handle a big car, don't drive a big car. THIS INCLUDES PARKING. #
  • Interesting #transmedia crossover – @Birchbox is including clues to Gossip Girl's finale in its May sample package. http://t.co/hhgZ7Jx7 #
  • Dark Score Stories wins IAC award for Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising – proud to have worked on this! http://t.co/y6azBHg5 #
  • Was quite dismayed to find out the song I've been obsessed with lately came from a Twilight movie. 🙁 http://t.co/gMxH3ebJ #
  • I bought four kinds of chai yesterday to see which I liked best. Luckily there was a clear winner. Yum. #
  • Thinking about reading The Hobbit to the kids. Or should we just wait for the movie? #
  • how do you like your blueeyed boy / Mister Death #
  • Amazon keeps rejecting my review of a counterfeit product. Because I mention it's counterfeit. #
  • Dear Dave Grohl: Quit reminding me of my mortality. #
  • K: "How did you do your hair for your first dance?" M: "I don't remember; that was 800 years ago." K: "Don't be ridiculous. It was 700 yrs." #
  • I guess because I haven't opened Photoshop in a couple of months, it randomly decided my copy is no longer registered. Sigh. #
  • Got a sample of lotion b/c I thought cinnamon/clove/amber/cognac would smell nice. Missed "Twilight" in the description. Yep. It sparkles. #

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