Weekly Tweets

April 29, 2012 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Kid decided to try playing Skyrim. I am sitting on my hands and trying not to "OH JUST GIVE ME THE CONTROLLER" at her. #
  • This kid-playing-Skyrim thing is giving me high blood pressure. #
  • The hospital's hold music is from Gattaca. Wrong on so many levels. #
  • Do you have your 27B – 6? #
  • Neil Gaiman interviews Stephen King: http://t.co/4RQS4oo2 #
  • Stephen King's The Eyes of the Dragon is coming to SyFy: http://t.co/odoHvAd2 #
  • Roasted some Ecuadorian coffee a little lighter than I normally do for the notes of "spiced apple" that are supposed to emerge there. #
  • Parenting done right: kids singing and dancing to Nine Inch Nails on the way home from dinner. #
  • One of our big oak trees died from the drought, and it's being dismembered and shredded right now. 🙁 #
  • Ugh ugh, looks like maybe some more of our oaks are terminally ill as well. Stupid drought. #
  • My ex-tree. 🙁 http://t.co/EihWSCpV #
  • The best link you'll click on all day. http://t.co/AmUDw7IK #
  • Sadako from Ringu throws out the… first pitch…? What is this I don't even http://t.co/VUQ69zeS #
  • World's creepiest Woody: http://t.co/E8zv892P #
  • Chilaquiles: The precursor to King Ranch Casserole. Bonus: They're gluten free! #
  • A warm welcome from Texas! http://t.co/ITZO3EDO #
  • Paisley or scorpion? http://t.co/2btocIDJ #

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