Weekly Tweets

August 5, 2012 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • NBC went into such a feeding frenzy about Jordan Davis crying that they forgot to show the score from the last routing. #
  • And by "routing" I mean "routine," of course. #
  • The Lion King Rises, the best thing you'll see all day: http://t.co/6gaC8mpb #
  • Just checked the temperature of the water coming out of the cold tap: 86 degrees. #
  • Ugh, Aspirin smells so nasty. I've taken to calling it Essence of Old People in my head. #
  • Surely I heard wrong and that water polo player's name is not Cosmic Gradoo. #
  • Exciting things are afoot. #
  • Coraline vs. puppeteer: http://t.co/AJWpbdJp #
  • I just want to take some bobby pins and hairspray to the US women's gymnastics team. #
  • Field of Dreams = weepy mass. EVERY TIME. #
  • This image is not what it looks like: http://t.co/DGRwvEV9 #
  • 2000 people evacuated from San Antonio airport due to bomb threat. CNN is reporting on someone finding a needle in their sandwich in Canada. #
  • Watching Scarface on AMC makes me think I'm going deaf. Every other word is blanked out. #
  • Well, it's been a couple of years since we last had meal moths. Guess we were due. #
  • So apparently a spammer now has the http://t.co/STt71pX3 domain name? #
  • Sexual Harrassment in Online Gaming: http://t.co/4HY7ZhWn #
  • All the horrible prep instructions and "delicious" liquid diet recipes officially going into recycling. Hooray! #
  • The commentator just said the guy was lifting 394 kilos. That's pretty impressive. O.o #nbcfail #

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