I did it

August 27, 2002 - 8:38 pm 4 Comments

I made the appointment. I’m having surgery on September 10 to take out the calcification or whatever it is. Technically it’s called an excision biopsy, which means that the surgeon is going to remove the whole thing and a little bit of surrounding tissue in an outpatient procedure (although I will be in an operating room in the hospital). They’re going to knock me mostly out with what he called a souped up twilight sleep, meaning that I might be a little responsive but I won’t remember anything.

Now that’s a little gruesome, isn’t it? I might be awake while they slice into my body. Even if I won’t remember it, I have to wonder if it will affect me in some subconscious way. I’ve read horror stories about people who wake up in the middle of surgery.

Biopsy is a very scary word. I’m pretty terrified, but it will be nice once it’s over with.

4 Responses to “I did it”

  1. michigan . Says:

    your’e gonna do fine! 🙂

  2. michigan . Says:

    that would be “you’re”.

  3. pie Says:

    Good luck =) I’ll be sending you good thoughts, even though they have absolutely no medical value whatsoever.

  4. supergreg Says:

    Horror stories
    Shmorror stories