The place the blame show!

December 23, 2002 - 10:30 pm 3 Comments

I placed an order on 12/14 with Amazon for some Christmas presents for the kids. Amazon said on their website that the order would be delivered on or before 12/24. They partially shipped it about a week ago, so I received one item. Checking on the “Where’s my stuff” link shows that it has an estimated delivery of 12/24. Checking on UPS’s website says that it will be delivered 12/26.

Who should I yell at, Amazon or UPS? Amazon didn’t even ship it until late Saturday night.

3 Responses to “The place the blame show!”

  1. JenBen Says:

    You ordered it on 12/14 and you haven’t received it yet? I’d yell at Amazon! They were great with all my stuff, luckily.

    Also, I ordered something on Friday night/Saturday morning from Coldwater Creek as they guaranteed I’d receive it before Christmas and I got it today! I’m amazed!

  2. michigan Says:

    yell at j. most stuff is his fault anyway.

  3. bill dennis Says:

    Who should you yell at?
    Yourself, for trusting what is essentially a mail order business to get your purchases delivered on time.

    If there’s a deadline, don’t put your trust in the mail serive.