Spam of Monte Cristo

May 27, 2003 - 2:39 pm 2 Comments

Is anyone else getting bizarre spams with quotes from The Count of Monte Cristo interspersed in the HTML? They look totally normal until you view the source, when all the quotes show up:

• !–according to custom, Franz gave up his seat to him. This —
• !–horrible. When you come to Paris, I will return all this. —
• !–the Boulevard de Gand or the Bois de Boulogne, and think of —
• !–Because Don Carlos has fled from Bourges, and has returned —
• !–to the possessor of the property that a handsome sum might —
• !–invite him to sleep here to-night?’ — `Why?’ said —
•!–Mademoiselle was walking in the shade of the garden, and —
• !–chief defect, of us eccentric Parisians, — that is, you —
• !–you, my dear M. de Morcerf (these words were accompanied by —
• !–aware that we are living under a popular form of government, —
• !–Is it not so? asked Monte Cristo. Look at that large —
• !–spellbound on his chair; for in the person of him who had —
• !–Meslay. The house was of white stone, and in a small court —
• !–man’s eyes passed rapidly from Villefort and his wife, and —

I’m guessing this is a way to defeat spam removal bots, but why are they picking on the dear old Comte?

2 Responses to “Spam of Monte Cristo”

  1. Kenneth G. Cavness Says:

    Apropos of nothing, Le Comte de Monte Christo is so one of my favorite novels of all time…

  2. Prentiss Riddle Says:

    A wild guess: maybe they hit the Gutenberg Project for some random text? It should be possible with a few Google searches to see whether this matches any particular translation available for free on the net.