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June 28, 2005 - 12:14 am 3 Comments

Chase in Austin Car-jacking Ends With Arrest in Elgin

Austin police are looking into a car-jacking that ended in a chase and arrest in Elgin.

It happened Saturday at Barton Creek Square Mall and escalated to the small town. A woman told detectives she was getting out of her car when she was approached by 22-year-old Chadlee McShan. Within seconds she was “knocked to the ground and her vehicle taken,” says APD Detective Andrew Perkel.

Headed towards Elgin, McShan and Bernardo Contreras were eventually spotted.

When Elgin police tried to stop the car, the men jumped out and ran off. They were found in a nearby yard sometime after the attack and car-jacking.

We’re told the suspects in this case were part of a crime spree, first hitting up family then a woman at the mall.

APD will be charging McShane with robbery by assault.
As for Elgin police, they are pursing their own charges.
Both suspects remain behind bars.

Now here’s the funny part. The news report had pepper spray company representatives demonstrate how pepper spray would be ideal for a situation like this. A bad guy with a piece of pipe came at a good guy who was getting into his car. The good guy raised his keys and sprayed the bad guy with pepper spray. The bad guy swung his pipe at the good guy 5 more times in 7 seconds before finally going down.

Yeah, that’s a big help, thanks. I’ve got my head bashed to a bloody pulp already. And the news aired this story in support of carrying pepper spray as self defense!

No thanks.

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  1. addlepated Says:

    Will one of the people who’s getting here from searching for Barton Creek Mall carjacking please let me know why so many people are searching for that term in the last couple of weeks? Did I miss something?

  2. Sarah Says:

    I did a search for “car jacking Barton Creek Mall” because I was looking to verify the authenticity of an e-mail I was forwarded. The e-mail said:
    >> Subject: Barton Creek Mall
    >> FYI.
    >> Two weekends ago I dropped Bryan and Hayden off at the Barton
    >> Movie Theater and Owen and I went shopping across the street at
    >> Creek Mall. When it was time to go back and pick up Bryan and
    >> traffic was a little heavy and I had to wait a little bit before
    >> cross the street. When all of a sudden the car behind me starts
    >> rapidly honking their horn. When I looked in my driver’s side
    >>mirror I
    >> saw a man reaching for the door handle to the back seat right
    >> me, (which is where Owen sits). I suddenly punched the gas
    >>pedal and
    >> crossed the traffic. Because everything happened so fast I
    >> really sure what to think; until, last night when I was watching
    >> 10pm local news and saw a report about car break in’s and car
    >> at Barton Creek Mall.
    >> They described the exact same scenario where the person tries to
    >> your car from the back seat.
    >> I am very fortunate that the person behind me started honking
    >>her horn
    >> when she did. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your car doors
    >>locked and
    >> be careful and observant while you are doing your holiday

  3. addlepated Says:

    Hmmm, that sounds a lot like an urban legend email – I haven’t heard about a string of carjackings there anytime recently. Thanks for posting it!