Weekly Tweets

August 19, 2012 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Holy Breaking Bad tense. #
  • Dude, where's my Sterling? 10 Worst Cars of All Time: http://t.co/ckAHRIIM #
  • Quit smoking 15 years ago and I still have dreams that I slipped up. :\ #
  • With a capital T, and that rhymes with P, and that stands for Pool. #
  • My favorite pastime lately is making telemarketers think they called 911. #
  • I wish Yelp had a way to exclude food trailers from restaurant search results. #
  • Dear Lego: Indiana Jones does not do the Robot. #
  • "What is that, Mommy?" "It's the 60s, Sweetie." http://t.co/ZO5odjz8 #nimoybilbo #
  • Also, I totally told my kid, "Winter is coming. It is known." yesterday. #nerrrrrrrd #
  • Watching my daughter play Lego Indiana Jones reminds me of how awesome the soundtrack is. John Williams FTW! #
  • Check out Amazingly Talented Nephew's latest creation. Then hire him! http://t.co/SJlhEgLo #
  • My favorite part about Mass Effect is running around the Normandy making the soldiers salute to me. I yell, "Salute!" from my recliner. #
  • Have y'all seen this Ragu commercial? Poor kid's scarred for life. http://t.co/C4TVGPwh #
  • No Tax Day may cost far more of my sanity than I'm saving in tax. #
  • Sometimes my shower makes the percussion noise from The Usual Suspects soundtrack and I towel off while hollering about Keyser Soze. #
  • Oh, my goodness. The Dexter Season 7 trailer. Here there be spoilers. http://t.co/e7BJWw39 #

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