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August 26, 2012 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Oh my word – the Saris Abaya from Sweet Maria's isn't quite the blueberry Harar, but it's intensely fruited. Nom! #
  • "I'm busy right now" means "I am available to fix your popcorn and find Lego Star Wars walkthroughs," apparently. #
  • Every time I hurt a bit of my body, I realize how much I use that body bit. Have realized that I use _all_ my body bits a lot. #
  • I think I might be some sort of savant at the Flow Free game. #
  • Much gnashing of teeth until I realized HootSuite doesn't actually function correctly with Safari. #
  • Hot dogs + hot sauce = bliss. #
  • Gazelle is locking in trade-in values on iPhones for 30 days. Hmmmmmmm. *ponder* #
  • You have just become aware of how your tongue feels in your mouth. #
  • 30 writing tips from famous authors: http://t.co/ONcl1Wps #
  • The story behind Ted's Caver Page, one of my favorite online horror stories: http://t.co/mkqunLQg #
  • The most wonderful time of the year. /hattip @Gupfee http://t.co/eIrD2Jug #
  • The doctor giggled gleefully. "Welcome to getting older!" he exclaimed, as if he'd been waiting for this moment all my life. Hooray? #
  • I think storytelling fulfills a perverse desire to see bad things happen to good people in a way that is socially acceptable. #
  • What is UP with the lipstick on this woman? "Do you want to know how I got these scars?" http://t.co/TzfS0JZQ #
  • The bureaucrazy involved in dealing with a large medical practice is mind-boggling. Just fax me the thing already! Today, not next week! #
  • I had a pet monkey once, but his lyre playing was sub-par. #
  • Kneel before Zod. #
  • Unfortunate print advertising: http://t.co/yQH0xLmI (Are babies the other white meat?) #
  • Oh someone take away my internet from me. I clearly do not know how to use it yet. #
  • Bite it, USADA. #
  • Fun fact: If you squeeze fish oil capsules too tightly, they pop. My hand smells like an anchovy. #
  • I have spent the last hour troubleshooting my daughter's iPod so she can play One Direction. Siiiiiiigh. #
  • How did I miss this? The Ender's Game movie production blog: http://t.co/8YFBFMAs #

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