February 27, 2003 - 11:19 pm 1 Comment

Went to see the surgeon today. He doesn’t know what’s wrong wtih me. He’s pawning me off to a dermatologist. Fine.

I’m tired and grouchy and the kids have been terrorizing me all week. I’m sure they’re tired of being cooped up, but that doesn’t mean they get to sleep with us and damn near break my nose. Seriously.

Anyway, I’m going to look into Mother’s Day Out programs for them, maybe twice a week, and start planning more outdoor activities as well as going-out activities, like the children’s museum and storytime at the bookstore. I think it will do us all some good to get out, even though my first urge lately has been to hide under the covers and pretend I’m not there.

Also, I miss my cat.

One Response to “Yeah.”

  1. JenBen Says:

    a dermatologist? Ugh. If it’s exactly where your surgery was then it’s not dermatological, I’m guessing. GAH! There are no positive doctor stories in blogland lately.