February 28, 2003 - 12:20 am 6 Comments

I’m really taking the Mr. Rogers thing hard. I’ve been teary-eyed all day long. Am I the only one?

6 Responses to “Damn”

  1. Feith Says:

    Nope, you’re not the only one.


  2. davidnunez Says:

    It’s the “fringe” Mr. Roger’s episodes that I miss the most… I always thought the Land of Make Believe was the one place where Fred Rogers could cut loose and express himself.

    Does anyone besides me remember the Purple Panda episodes? The Purple Panda came from outer space and its voice sounded like a Moogified Basoon… he could appear and disappear at will.

    Also there was a chef that would sing instead of speak (he lived in a minature Eiffel Tower).

    Do you remember the Cow teacher? The week or two where they did an honest-to-God Opera? Those times when we got to see the rooms in the castle (that were named after letters). And why was Lady Elaine Fairchild so ugly?

    I’m not ashamed to say I watched Mr. Rogers all the way through college for the kitsch value, if nothing else.

  3. shells Says:

    You’re definately not alone. We had wet eyes all around at work.

  4. Kathryn Says:

    And a day later, I still have them a little bit.

  5. amber Says:

    does ne one remember the other mr. rogers character that came from outer space? his name was yo yo something or other…im beginning to think im the only one…help me out!

  6. Ricario Says:

    Good. Someone besides my brother can attest to there being a Purple Panda from outerspace on Mr. Rogers. So many years we went with no one else remebering that. It got to the point where we started to think we made it up. I am sane afterall, Woot!