Boob update

March 28, 2003 - 4:04 am 2 Comments

I saw the dermatologist yesterday. She said that I should use some Curad scar therapy and that it may open up again and that I should always wear a bra. Oh, and I can go swimming if I use antibacterial soap afterwards. And take lots of Advil for the pain.

After my dawn raid on the monster gerbil from hell in the kitchen, my sleep schedule is completely messed up. I’m just going to stay up tonight. Of course now that I’ve decided that, I’m starting to get sleepy.

2 Responses to “Boob update”

  1. JenBen Says:

    hey, where do you get that Curad stuff? Just at Walgreens or something? My scar from my surgery last July is still red and angry looking. I’d love to get it to calm down.

  2. Addlepated Says:

    Yeah, she said the Curad stuff is available at drugstores. Silly me, I was at Walgreens yesterday and didn’t think to look for it, but I’d imagine it’s over by the band-aids.