March 29, 2003 - 11:00 pm Comments Off on Annoying

We just got the girls to sleep, so now I can go to sleep to wake up in 6 hours in time to shower and feed the 4 yo and drive to San Antonio and go look at cabinets in a place that’s not really going to be open and we won’t be able to find out prices, then to New Braunfels to look at light fixtures at a place that may or may not be open on Saturday.

That’s ok, I have nothing else to do. Ha.

And I spent 2.5 wasted hours tonight at the crap-ass mall near my house looking for a basic black evening dress to wear on formal night on the cruise, and all they had was stuff in petite sizes. Hello, I’m 5’9″, petite schmetite. But that’s ok, I had nothing else I could have been doing.

I hate poor planning!

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