March 30, 2003 - 6:21 pm 4 Comments

1. Health insurance sucks. I apparently can’t get insurance because I’m too fat. Neat.

2. Prescription drugs sucks. I went to see the doctor the other day to get something for tension headaches (which for me are caused by not sleeping) and she gave me some Elavil, which is supposed to be this all around wonder drug that cures depression, insomnia, tension headaches, and chronic pain. Only problem is that it turned my into an utter and complete bitchmonster and nobody, but nobody, was immune to my wrath. Yikes.

3) So I took a little hiatus from quilting because any little thing that went wrong (or that I perceived might have a chance of going wrong) made me want to burn the darn thing, in which case I really never will get it done. (Only 5 or 6 short stripes to go!) Luckily I figured out the trick to sewing on merit badges by machine – the lovely zigzag stitch! I probably would have permanently disfigured myself trying to sew those things on by hand – they have a hard plastic backing, and so far I’ve broken a basting gun, a #10 Between needle, a #12 sharp, and a universal sewing machine needle on them.

4) In my time off I got to the games I’m supposed to be beta testing (yes, I beta test games, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it, no I don’t get paid but I do get the games for free as well as get my name in the credits for all the world to see). I started out thinking that this one I’m working on was imbecilic, but it’s grown on me and now I’m totally addicted. Meanwhile the other game I’m testing, the one where I didn’t want to stop playing to eat, bathe, or sleep, has fallen completely by the wayside.

5) I’m turning into an old lady with grey hair and wrinkles and dry skin. When I was a teenager I scoffed at the commercials that told me my face would get dry as an adult. Whoops.

6) I haven’t gone to church in forever because I feel too guilty even to ask hub if he minds watching the kids for a couple of hours, even though I do it all the time when he goes out.

That is all.

Don’t forget to watch Six Feet Under tonight. Brenda’s coming back. I’m going to have to make hub watch in the other room so I don’t have to hear him call her names.

4 Responses to “Criminy”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    AB can’t stand her either. But he’s able to keep his kvetching in check.

    As for hub watching the kids… I don’t know all the info about your family arrangements, but it seems a tad unfair that you feel too guilty to ask. From the sounds of it, you need more alone time than you’ve gotten in a long while.

  2. Addlepated Says:

    …which is precisely why I’m going to enjoy my cruise next weekend all the more! =)

  3. Kenneth Says:

    Are you serious about the weight and insurance thing?!

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