May 28, 2003 - 12:31 pm 3 Comments

I’m starting a new top secret quilt project. Last night and this morning I washed and ironed 18 yards of fabric, and my whole house smells like a laundry. I love that smell, especially on cold winter mornings when I walk past the exhaust vent of a dryer and have steamy warm detergent-air hit me in the face.

So the plan is to finish this quilt, then maybe the applique quilt for my older daughter’s bed, then maybe just maybe I’ll be able to make a quilt for myself. Hub wants one too, and father-in-law hinted around about one.

Later today I’m going to try to put a page up with the quilts I’ve made so far.

Something that made me all warm inside: brother saying “That can’t be hand-sewn, the stitches are too small and regular.” Whee!

3 Responses to “Quiltmania”

  1. michigan Says:

    screw everyone else. make one for yourself. you’ve been working hard on stuff for other people for a long time now 😛

    btw, sarah found those books from ireland that i bought for j. and c. i will either ship them or bring them down at christmas. 🙂

  2. Addlepated Says:

    WTF, I thought you were coming down in July!

  3. michigan Says:

    july is only to drop off the kids with my folks. i don’t think i’ll feel like staying by then (i don’t feel like it now), and that two weeks without them gives d. and me the chance to pull out the crib, bassinet, etc. and get ready for the bambina. not to mention some needed downtime before it reaches fever pitch in august 😉