More proud parenting

August 30, 2003 - 2:33 am 1 Comment

I forgot to mention something else Jo said today. Hub was telling her about the ranch, and how we would take rides and see deer and stuff, and Jo said “And Daddy, I want to kill a pig.” Just out of the freaking blue.

We’ve been playing family games of hide-and-seek in the bedrooms. Cuervo got in on it tonight. Kona was in solitary confinement because once again she shat in the dining room and then proceeded to dine upon it.

I’m such a dweeb, I’m actually watching Not Another Teen Movie because I like the soundtrack. Well, the references to the movies that I love are amusing. I’ll have to watch it from the beginning, as I just noticed that Mr. Vernon from The Breakfast Club is in there somewhere. The Breakfast Club is the Best. Movie. Ever. At least as far as the 80s/teen/angst genre goes. When we went to Chicago a few years ago, I actually got excited about going into Shermer because that’s where so many John Hughes movies took place.

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  1. Rune Says:

    Kona = disgusting. Glad I wasn’t eating breakfast as I read that.

    Speaking of which, I agree with you on The Breakfast Club. Classic.

    a fellow Loser, Dork, Geek, & Neo-maxie zoom dweebie