Motivate me

November 17, 2003 - 12:42 pm 15 Comments

Maybe it’s the time of year. When the time changes, it’s a giant energy sucker. I can’t seem to motivate myself to post anything. It used to be that I would say to myself dozens of times over the course of a day, “Hey, I need to blog about that”. Now I can’t think of a thing that seems worthwhile to post.

In any event, last night I remembered a riddle that my mother was never able to figure out. It does have an answer, but I’m not going to post it. Yet. Can you solve it?

God made Adam out of dust
But thought it best to make me first
So I was made before the man
According to Gods Holy plan
My whole body God made complete
With out arms or hands or feet
My ways and acts did God control
But in my body he placed no soul
A living thing I became
And Adam gave to me a name
Then from his presence I withdrew
For this man Adam I never knew
All my makers laws I do obey
And from these laws I never stray
Thousands of me go in fear
But seldom on the earth appear
Later for a purpose God did see
He placed a living soul in me
But the soul of mine God did had to claim
And from me he took it back again
And when this soul from me had fled
I was the same as when first made
Without arms, legs, feet, or soul
I travel from pole to pole
My labors are from day to night
And to men I once furnished light
Thousands of people both young and old
Did by my death bright lights behold
No right or wrong can I conceive
The bible and it’s teachings I can’t believe
The fear of death doesn’t trouble me
Pure happiness I will never see
And up in heaven I can never go
Nor in the grave or in hell below
So get your bible and read with care
You’ll find my name recorded there.

15 Responses to “Motivate me”

  1. brother Says:

    gotta be the stars!

  2. Addlepated Says:

    Nope. The stars never had a living soul in them!

  3. Rune Says:


  4. Rune Says:

    Or the only other thing I can think of, at this moment, is… the Word (Logos).

  5. Addlepated Says:

    Nope, neither one.

    Here’s a clue: the word is 5 letters long and appears 4 times in the KJV.

  6. erekose Says:

    is it a whale?

    ps. see you on unfiction 🙂

  7. Maisel Melissa Says:

    Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.

  8. Megan Says:

    Is it the Earth?

  9. jennifer Says:

    I found this same passage some where else and it says that the 5 letter word appears 2 times in the bible, and your saying it appears 4 times. So there is a mistake somewhere. I was thinking it was a Whale.

  10. Addlepated Says:

    The word occurs 4 times in the King James Version – 3 times in the Old Testament, once in the New Testament. Hint: look in Matthew.

  11. renzo Says:

    it is whale, just to clarify it for everyone

  12. sandra Vincent Says:

    The bible and its teachings I can’t believe

  13. Addlepated Says:

    You know many church-going whales, Sandra? 😉

  14. LULU HAUGHT Says:


  15. Laura Bailey Says:

    It is a whale. He had no soul, but God placed a sole in him. (Jonah) Then God took Jonah back again.