Jack in the Box pannidos

November 17, 2003 - 7:33 pm 16 Comments

Since the information is absolutely nowhere to be found regarding the calorie count on the Jack in the Box pannido sandwiches, allow me to break the story:

Zesty turkey – 750
Triple meat – 650
Ham and cheese – 675

Zoinks! I ate one of the zesty turkey ones the other day thinking “Hey, turkey can’t be all that bad, it’s turkey”. It was really, really, really tasty.

16 Responses to “Jack in the Box pannidos”

  1. Wild Bill Says:

    I just had one of the Turkey and Ham (it’s not Ham and Cheese ;)) Pannido sandwiches. I liked it. You might want to try it if you haven’t, while they’re still around.

  2. Barb Says:

    “THANK YOU”….I have been looking everywhere for
    the Calories on the Jack in The Box Pannidos – I just knew they where sky high – had to find out before I tried one…..Barb

  3. Treva Says:

    I truly believe that the pannido is one the 8th wonder of the world. I ate one of dem pannidos and thought that it tasted like a donkey dick doused in its own splooge. Whoever eats those and enjoys them, can shampoo my crotch. Have a pannido of a day!

  4. brother love Says:

    Treva you stated that it tasted like donkey dick? So tell me what exactly does donkey dick taste like since you are the expert!

    Have a pannido of a day yourself

  5. Roger Says:

    I had a breakfast pannido and made money. they gave me $5.00 back via survey for eating one.

  6. Paris Says:

    I didn’t know that that was his pannido??

  7. James Says:

    Re: Paris’ message. Ms. Hilton, even drunk you should be able to distinguish a Pannido from a mail body part. The pannido is longer.

  8. Sue Says:

    What is the carb count? I love the three meat.

  9. Addlepated Says:

    You done talking to yourself yet?

  10. Nynavae Says:

    How did you figure these calorie counts out? I’ve done as you, and searched high and low for calories on these sandwiches. When I couldn’t find them, I got kinda worried.

  11. Addlepated Says:

    Nynavae – I called a local JitB who had an updated nutrition sheet, and they gave me the numbers over the phone. I haven’t been able to find diddly out online either, which is why I resorted to the telephone. =)

  12. msfemme Says:

    Does anyone know how many calories the turkey/cheese w/out sauce would be?

  13. annie Says:

    treva……..why are you into donkey dicks……when you can eat a pandito…and …if you are so broke that you have to eat donkey dicks……there are other solutions..try soup kitchens…..you poor..poor girl…..

  14. annie Says:

    TO TREVA: and if you don’t quit doing what you are doing…….you will end up the 9th wonder of the world……stick to panditas….they’re awesome………

  15. Melissa Says:

    Man, I got so high and ate the turkey pannido. It was so good, but alas… I am bulimic and promptly puked it up. Oh well.

  16. Addlepated Says:

    I’m closing comments on this entry because for some reason, the subject of Pannidos brings the freaks out to play. Anyone has something useful to say about them, email me directly.