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A shoulder thing that goes up

April 19, 2007 - 2:14 am 2 Comments

What a remarkable thing to say. A barrel shroud is a “shoulder thing that goes up.” And she wants to ban them, these evil, insidious shoulder things that go up.

Next she’ll be after the thing in the stock that tells time.

Stuff that shouldn’t be there

April 8, 2006 - 11:23 pm 1 Comment

We went to the Louisiana Swamp Romp today. At the gate there was a security guard. She stopped me and asked to look in my fanny-pack. She was taken aback when I asked, “And what are you looking for?” Her response: “Stuff that shouldn’t be there.”

Thank you for that enlightenment.

Ironically, it could very well have been a concealed carry pack and she never would have known. Not to mention that my husband was carrying both a knife and a gun on his person (legally) and never even got a second look.

Makes me regret not carrying today. Stuff that shouldn’t be there. WTF is that supposed to mean? I don’t know if I’m madder at the mall-ninja for her vague and uber-authoritarian stance or at myself for unzipping the pack and showing her my collection of sunglasses.

If I were carrying in the pack, I wouldn’t have been able legally to show her what was in it. It’s a concealed handgun license for a reason. So what if I had refused? I wonder what she would have done.


November 8, 2005 - 12:09 am 4 Comments

I haven’t used a three ring binder since high school, which was mumbeldy years ago. The fear of pinching my finger in the ring is still strong.

Refrigerators only go on the fritz when you’re out of town. We came home from the ranch (95 degrees? In November? Madness!) and got to play “What’s That Smell??” Someday I will remodel my kitchen and get a Sub Zero.

I am ready for cold weather. Every year I feel less capable of dealing with heat.

I got to do a little shooting this weekend and completely got my confidence back with my deer rifle when I hit the little “X” at 100 yards. I also saw two very nice bucks while hunting, but it was too dark to shoot. One of them had a really interesting rack. I think he was post-mature. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t shoot him, because who wants to butcher a deer in that much heat? I also got to shoot a suppressed .22 pistol and felt like a Mafia member. Because all good Mafia members whack their victims with suppressed .22s, you know. I whacked the hell out of a coke can.

Wiping their ass with the Constitution

September 9, 2005 - 1:15 am Comments Off on Wiping their ass with the Constitution

I was going to write something about this, but Kevin at The Smallest Minority has put it so eloquently, I don’t need to.

Pressing the Reset Button? – “No civilians in New Orleans will be allowed to carry pistols, shotguns or other firearms, said P. Edwin Compass III, the superintendent of police. “Only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons,” he said.” (from the New York Times)

Perhaps the New Orleans citizens who stayed behind to protect their property from the looters can be beheaded too.

Self defense

June 28, 2005 - 12:14 am 3 Comments

Chase in Austin Car-jacking Ends With Arrest in Elgin

Austin police are looking into a car-jacking that ended in a chase and arrest in Elgin.

It happened Saturday at Barton Creek Square Mall and escalated to the small town. A woman told detectives she was getting out of her car when she was approached by 22-year-old Chadlee McShan. Within seconds she was “knocked to the ground and her vehicle taken,” says APD Detective Andrew Perkel.

Headed towards Elgin, McShan and Bernardo Contreras were eventually spotted.

When Elgin police tried to stop the car, the men jumped out and ran off. They were found in a nearby yard sometime after the attack and car-jacking.

We’re told the suspects in this case were part of a crime spree, first hitting up family then a woman at the mall.

APD will be charging McShane with robbery by assault.
As for Elgin police, they are pursing their own charges.
Both suspects remain behind bars.

Now here’s the funny part. The news report had pepper spray company representatives demonstrate how pepper spray would be ideal for a situation like this. A bad guy with a piece of pipe came at a good guy who was getting into his car. The good guy raised his keys and sprayed the bad guy with pepper spray. The bad guy swung his pipe at the good guy 5 more times in 7 seconds before finally going down.

Yeah, that’s a big help, thanks. I’ve got my head bashed to a bloody pulp already. And the news aired this story in support of carrying pepper spray as self defense!

No thanks.

What a surprise.

May 9, 2005 - 11:49 pm Comments Off on What a surprise.
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Get your fresh, hot Kalashnikitties!

February 26, 2005 - 4:53 pm Comments Off on Get your fresh, hot Kalashnikitties!

The Kalashnikitty shirt is back for sale! I have two of these, Hub has two, and they rock.

If you’d like one, there are ordering instructions at this link. We bought our shirts from this very same gentlemen and it all went perfectly.


February 1, 2005 - 3:53 pm Comments Off on Viva!

We went to Las Vegas over the weekend to attend SHOT Show and meet up with some friends of ours. A quick foodie rundown:

Thursday night we had a group of 11 and went to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, a tapas restaurant in the Fashion Show Mall on the Strip. It was good, but not outstanding. The bill was daunting – $550.

Friday for lunch we went to Lotus of Siam with vpisteve from ARGN. We’ve been there before and it’s a must-see whenever we go to Las Vegas. Absolutely excellent Thai food. Really, really good. I can’t recommend it enough.

Friday for dinner we went to Andre’s Restaurant. While it was tasty, the portions were quite small and it was extremely expensive. If the prices had been half of what they were, I would very much recommend it. As it is, I think they are quite overpriced.

Saturday for lunch we went to the Grand Lux Cafe in the Venetian, where we were staying. It was decent food; a bit overpriced.

Saturday for dinner we tried to go to Quark’s Bar at the LV Hilton, but we had a group of over 25 people and they could not accommodate us. Unfortunately I ordered a $25 Warp Core Breech, which is a fishbowl of a drink with 10 ounces of booze in it, and drank it on an empty stomach whereupon it gave me the most godawful bad case of heartburn I’ve had since I was pregnant with my second daughter. Therefore, I was unable to eat a meal at the Triple 7 in Main Street Station, which is where we ended up eating dinner. Hub says it was tasty though.

Sunday for brunch we went back to the Grand Lux because it was easy. I didn’t care at all for my corned beef hash. Far too many bell peppers.

Sunday for dinner we went to Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens downtown with the Konas. All I can say is WOW. It will definitely be a must-visit from now on. Their lamb was to die for, and my Veal Oscar was excellent. Along with the entree, you get so much extra food that even though the price looks quite high, it’s actually pretty reasonable. Four of us dined and drank wine, cocktails, and after-dinner coffee for $300.

As for the show, it was enormous. You could walk through it all 4 days and still not see it all. The Las Vegas Convention Center is 3,200,000 square feet! We did stand in line to meet R. Lee Ermey (host of Mail Call, who you might have also seen as the Drill Instructor in Full Metal Jacket):

I also shook hands with Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association, and we saw Ted Nugent there. Additionally, we got to meet up with new friends and old friends and have an excellent time. Here we are with the Konas after dinner at Hugo’s:

I wish they lived closer. We had a blast! We stayed to watch the Freemont Street Experience and I got a neat little movie of part of it.

For all we tried to cram in, I think we needed an extra 3 days. We barely got to gamble at all, although I did hold the dice for about 30 minutes at Main Street Station. Hub and I walked away from the craps table four figures richer!