Pass the Geritol

December 12, 2006 - 6:20 pm Comments Off on Pass the Geritol

I started my Christmas baking. Sunday night I made Paula Deen’s Monster Cookies (yum) and came out with 5 dozen instead of the 3 dozen the recipe said it would make. Then last night I made 4 stöllens. Today was my last final, for COMM 1306. I decided to bring one of the stöllens to my professor and bring the cookies for my classmates.

Hub laughed at me. He said that I was reinforcing my little old lady stereotype. I’m the only New College (i.e. older) student in a freshman-level class. I smacked him and told him to quit being mean to me.

So I brought in the cookies today and a couple of the girls said, “This is like having a homeroom mother!”

Le sigh. Pass me the Geritol, would ya honey?

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