Another dog update

June 15, 2007 - 10:04 pm 2 Comments

So what happened to Cuervo was a bad reaction to one of the immunosuppressants he was taking for his anemia condition. His front feet swelled up really badly and basically just sort of blew out. His left foot has almost no black pad on it at all. We’ve been having to tape socks on to protect his wound from getting dirty. He’s got nine separate medications to take – 18 pills in all, daily – to treat both his pure red cell aplasia and the infected foot.

The good news is that, a week after the blood transfusion and the human immunoglobulin treatment, his blood count is up from 19% to 26% today. Normal is around 40%, so you can see he was in pretty bad shape. His foot wound isn’t healing up by itself because of the pressure of walking, so he’s got a bandage, a sock, and a boot to wear. We call him Clunky. Or Thumper. He’s disgusted with the boot and hates walking with it, but he’s got to.

He’s still pretty emaciated – 69 lbs, down from a normal 80 – and has some muscle wasting, so his head looks a little sunken in and you can count his ribs. But he seems to be feeling better than he was, a little more so every day.

I think it’s time to look into pet insurance, though. 😮

2 Responses to “Another dog update”

  1. professorevil Says:

    Hope he’s still doing well and getting back to normal beefcake size!

  2. Caro Says:

    That’s good news! He must be costing you a bit tho? we’re looking at pet insurance too, waiting on an info pack to come in the post.