Howdy, neighbor

July 4, 2007 - 1:27 am Comments Off on Howdy, neighbor

There’s a man who lives a couple of blocks away from me. I pass by his house quite often on my way to other places. Almost every day, he sits in front of his house on an Adirondack chair that’s worn with use, and he waves at everyone who passes by, whether they’re on foot, bike, or car.

When we first moved here, we thought that was a little strange. The country’s climate was guarded then, being right after September 11. People weren’t really that friendly with strangers. Now, however, we’ve come to look for him as we pass. We automatically wave back to him. Having that little contact with a man I’ve never spoken to in person gives me a warm feeling. I’m disappointed when he’s not there.

I’ve noticed that other people wave to him, too. There’s often someone walking their dog or a jogger stopped at his place to pass the time. The culture in this neighborhood seems totally different from that of the place we moved from. Could it all be from one man who likes to wave at people passing by? Yes, it’s possible. It only takes a spark.

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