People, please.

October 20, 2007 - 2:55 pm 2 Comments

“Discrete” means separate.
“Discreet” means quietly.

If you do something discretely, you do it one at a time. Unconnectedly. Apart.
If you do something discreetly, you do it unobtrusively. Circumspectly. Silently.

I don’t think I have seen ANYONE use the proper spelling for “discreet” in the last 4 years. Did they stop teaching vocabulary and spelling in schools? I’ve even seen posters on a forum dedicated to college professors consistently spell it “discrete.” Oy.

Along those lines, go to and see how high you can get. I got as high as 47, which probably means that I should quit reading the OED for fun.

2 Responses to “People, please.”

  1. Professorevil Says:

    “discrete” gets 57mil hits on google vs. 16mil for “discreet”. I blame bush and the news media.

    Also, I got to level 1 on free rice. And #1 is awesomest. Right?