Educational emailicide

November 2, 2007 - 12:14 am Comments Off on Educational emailicide

Last week I found out that my usually very dependable for-pay email forwarding address wasn’t delivering any of the emails that my daughter’s teacher was sending me. She mentioned a newsletter at our parent teacher conference, and I was all, “Whaaaaa? Newsletter?”

Then earlier tonight I realized that none of the email to my college address was actually being kept on the server. So I tried changing the forward, which activated a black hole swirling vortex of doom which sucked who knows how many emails down with it. None of my test messages went through for a good hour, anyway.

Oh, and here’s an O’Henry moment: Yesterday, as we were setting up for the class presentation, my cell phone rang with its insanely loud Wii Sports theme and I freaked out, thinking my professor was going to walk into the room any moment and hear my phone ringing and find it unprofessional. I hit the “Ignore” button as quick as I could and switched off the ringer.

Turned out it was my professor calling to say she was running late to class.

Bonus geek points for my classmate who recognized the theme, though.

This was the same prof that I had the nightmare about last spring. The one where I forgot to wear my shoes to class and she was horrified. I told her about it a couple of weeks ago and she laughed and laughed. Man, that was a horrible dream. I was seriously traumatized.

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