June 7, 2008 - 8:42 pm 1 Comment

Did so many things today and I’m exhausted.

1. Woke up early and drove to San Antonio.

2. Dropped off my Fiesta dress at the cleaner’s to get cleaned and boxed up. It’s been sitting on a chair in my bedroom for years, and it’s time to put it away.

(click for larger version)

This is a picture of the train. It and the dress are heavily hand-beaded velvet and weigh a total of about 50 pounds. Just the thing to throw on and run to the store for milk.

3. Stopped at El Milagrito for breakfast. I could say it was sublime, but that would be cheapening the experience. I do so miss San Antonio Tex-Mex.

4. Went to Bass Pro and took a CHL renewal course.

5. Since we were in the neighborhood, ran by the cemetery and paid respects to grandparents, great-grandparents, great-uncles, cousins, and so on.

(click for larger version)

This is the back of my great-grandmother’s original memorial marker. She died at 29 years old just a few days after the birth of my grandmother, possibly from diabetes. She had a 23″ waist, but had gone blind from her illness. On either side of that stone lie my grandparents and my grandmother’s parents.

(click for larger)

It’s a very peaceful and pretty cemetery. I like places where the monuments aren’t flush to the ground.

6. Drove back into town to have supper at Chris Madrid’s. Sadly, I think it’s slipping. The bun, cheese, and vegetables are all good, but the patty was dull and lifeless. The fries were soggy, too. What a disappointment, especially after I talked the place up to the hub for so long.

7. Stopped at the outlet mall to see if I could find a new purse. All I want is a fracking small-medium purse that has a shoulder strap. Is that so wrong? Fashion says I mayn’t buy one this season, because they’re out of style. I say “Bah.”

8. Stopped at yet another furniture store to find a new coffee table to replace the one that met with the ass-related Rock Band accident (Hub put his hiney through the glass during some vigorous drumming… no injuries to anything but the table). This is the umpteenth place we’ve looked, and we finally found one we liked. Managed to fit it in the back of the Prius. Wow.

All this on three hours of sleep! I’m ready for a nap, then bed.

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  1. varin Says:

    OMG, I know what you mean about the purses. Why are they all big and shiny silver?