When kids get a good zing in

October 9, 2008 - 12:54 pm 1 Comment

The other day Hub was talking to #2 daughter about her bad habit of jumping in and trying to do stuff. Like, she’ll hear the first part of the sentence “I didn’t feed the dogs today” and jump in and start to do it herself before the rest, “Because they were barfing all night and they shouldn’t eat.”

#2 daughter was taking it pretty personally, because although she’s somewhat scatterbrained at times (takes after her mommlepated), she means well and she wants to be helpful. So she endured the scolding for a minute, then asked the $1m question:

“Why don’t we have this conversation when I pick up your dinner plates for you?”

Out of the mouths of seven year olds. All I could do was gawk, and applaud in my head. Nice comeback!

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