A good feeling

October 24, 2008 - 9:37 pm Comments Off on A good feeling

My school years, from about 6th grade on, were pretty rough. Sixth grade is when I had a teacher who bullied me, friends who ditched me, and the beginning of a severe inferiority complex about the popular clique. It pretty much went downhill from there; I wasn’t cool enough for the cool kids, hip enough for the hipsters, nerdy enough for the smart kids, and so on. Paging John Hughes. So I got picked on a bunch, didn’t have many friends, and had plenty of personal issues to boot, many of which I’m just not going to go into here.

So it was that much more gratifying when I got a phone call this week from someone I knew in high school, with whom I was friendly but not friends. (He had his own personal demons while growing up, which I imagine were also pretty hard to deal with, but of course in high school it’s all about our OWN problems, right? Nobody else has anything wrong with them, and even if they do, mine’s worse!) He wanted to tell me that he thought kindly of me in high school and wished we had been friends then. It really made my day. So if you’re out there, caller, cheers to you.

Sometimes it’s not what we HAVE to do, but what we DON’T have to do that’s important. He didn’t have to call me just to say that, but I’m so glad he did.

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