More prayers needed

February 10, 2009 - 9:09 pm 1 Comment

Last spring I posted that Dave Szulborski was seriously ill and could use some good thoughts. He was in the hospital for treatment of leukemia for several weeks, and was happily declared in remission after a grueling round of chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, after spending a Christmas with an origami crane-decorated tree and his wife and baby, Dave has suffered a relapse and is back in treatment. And things are not looking as bright this time.


It just tears me up to see this happen. Utterly shredded. Devastated. Hence the disquieting dreams and the decision to become part of the marrow donor database. But I do believe in the power of positive thinking over recovery, especially on Dave’s part, and I think that if he realizes how many of us love and adore him it will help him through the immense difficulty he’s dealing with. So if you have a moment, there is information in this post on how to snail mail and how to email him a card.

Personal heroes? Well, the rules are that it can’t be someone who’s a friend, but honestly, Dave’s the first (and so far, only) person who came to mind when I read the blog post asking about what living, non-super-famous person is someone you really admire. Been wracking my brain to come up with someone who falls within the guidelines and I can’t think of anyone else. So that’s why I’m saying lots and lots and lots of prayers for Dave Szulborski, my hero.

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