More mysterious mail…

March 18, 2009 - 3:36 pm 1 Comment

In electronic form, this time, from a SpamGourmet address. The enigmatic P.Martin, who sent the tape recording a few days ago, has this to say:

Do not follow me! I knew you would. I knew you would come over and look around.

I have seen your friends; walking down the street and looking for the apartments.

And you know what? They have been so close. I have been so close…

But you shouldn’t look for me. Instead you should look for the truth.
To get started, you should consider the items that you are already holding in your hands.

As a sign of my ongoing support I will grant you one question at this time.

Be careful since this email address allows you to send only one single email to me.
All other emails will never reach me.

Discuss your question with the others now so that you all can pick your one question before contacting me.


I’m assuming he saw the Unfictionites cruising Mission Blvd. in San Diego and looking for clues. So now we’re to ask him one question, and one question only. The mind reels. I’m terrible in situations like this. I freeze up! What if I ask the wrong thing and lead everything to chaos and failure? Thank goodness for hive minds.

What to ask, what to ask?

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