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March 6, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Every day in every way I am becoming curmudgeonlier and curmudgeonlier. #
  • If you'd asked me 20 years ago whether Reznor's be in a tux accepting an Oscar I would have giggled. #
  • If Cate Blanchett had a hand on either side of that round thing on her dress, it would be the world's largest-broadcast Goatse. #
  • Please don't let Randy Newman perform the songs he writes anymore. #
  • Can Sandra Bullock make facial expressions anymore? #
  • Oh look, the classes are mingling. How quaint. #theoscars #
  • Seems that G4 got a mysterious package from North Korea! (Don't forget to listen to the awesome audio file 😉 ) http://bit.ly/hjp2Pd #
  • Being Human is the best thing on TV right now. #
  • February weight loss: 8 lbs. Total weight loss: 11 lbs. #
  • 40 Social Mechanics for Social Games – brilliant! http://bit.ly/eoO0Px #
  • I have so much more respect now for people who answer support emails for interactive sites. Be kind to them. Send them chocolate and flowers #
  • What's that smell? #
  • Happy birthday, @Gupfee, happy birthday, @Gupfee, happy birthday, dear @Gupfee, happy birthday, @Gupfee! #
  • I'm pretty sure I killed my Meyer lemon plant. Benign neglect. #
  • RT @redbanshee: LOVE. THIS. RT: @wired: "Goodnight Arrakis. Goodnight sietch Tabr. Goodnight spice flows everywhere." http://wrd.tw/ezG1Mp #
  • So #sxswi tweeps – what's the best schedule tool out there? The SXSW built-in stuff? #
  • Novel being posted around the East Village, page by page. http://bit.ly/fmk0li #
  • Hoping my sick child does not ensickenate me just in time for SXSWi. #
  • One way to cheer up a sick kid: play her the Shaving Cream song. http://youtu.be/JSAEownqddg #

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