Weekly Tweets

April 3, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • Fan-made Fallout film: http://nukabreak.com #
  • Who knew it would take so long to download 14.5 gigs? #
  • Why was there a big spike in beta particles in San Antonio on March 2? http://1.usa.gov/h8irNw Houston: http://1.usa.gov/h6m67r #
  • According to my daughter, I speak in code: "We'll see" means yes, and "Maybe" means no. #
  • Tonight's Being Human: WOW! #
  • 60 completely unusable stock photos: http://bzfd.it/hOtMXi (Samara having milk and a sandwich? Hitler in a gingham dress?) #
  • You never listen to the in-flight safety speech, so why not not listen to Richard Simmons on Air New Zealand? http://youtu.be/3iaTEgoezNQ #
  • How a differential gear works – Boing Boing http://t.co/gxanuwm #
  • Got the final Earth's Children book. It might be schlock, but I've been waiting 30 years for it. Jean Auel, don't fail me, please. #
  • Well YOU are a bug bite squared. #
  • "If you rest your fist against the grinding wheel and then hit the switch, it hurts." Words of wisdom, my friends. #
  • Pianos all over Austin: http://playmeaustin.com #
  • Bald eagles are hatching today. Watch the webcam: http://bit.ly/fqvnR7 #
  • You've checked out the People You May Know on LinkedIn, right? #
  • I was watching this video and the next thing I knew I was driving down the highway with a car full of rabbit… (cont) http://deck.ly/~Sdm6q #
  • April Fool's political satire: http://bit.ly/fz5Htm #
  • The sweetest picture you'll see of giraffes all day: http://bit.ly/hRJx4c #
  • The second-sweetest picture you'll see of a giraffe today: http://bit.ly/dF0hJT MWAH! #

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