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April 10, 2011 - 4:48 am Comments Off on Weekly Tweets
  • So far have gotten email from Disney, Brookstone, and TiVo that their data provider was compromised. Musta been a big break-in. #
  • I either drank a glass of Vietnamese iced coffee or rocket fuel. Is there really a difference? #
  • You can't spell "Stupid" without "UTPD." #
  • I think, at this point, companies who _don't_ use Epsilon should just email their customers saying so. I'd get less email that way. #
  • Jennifer Garner is going to be playing Miss Marple. *head explodes* http://bit.ly/gbkAdD #
  • The archives of David Foster Wallace – leading off with his praise for Blair Witch: http://bit.ly/fzxB6f @mikemonello #
  • "That's because you're not in the kitchen enough to break things." #
  • My dentist told me I only need to come in for yearly cleanings. So lucky to have excellent teefs. #
  • Been calling the @AnytimeFitness by my house for MONTHS trying to get a live person or a callback. May give up & try another gym entirely. #
  • 64 hours into my Dragon Age Origins replay, ALL my DLC items are gone because the game couldn't contact the @Bioware server! Going to cry!!! #
  • You can't say "uterus"! Think of the children!! Waitaminute… http://bit.ly/eb3Stt #
  • RT @imbri: RT @Malbonnington: Open your phone's browser, go to Google & search for Tilt. #98 ° (thanks @dlogtnarg) #
  • Dear Austin: If you're on the access road, you YIELD to people exiting the highway. Look it up. Transportation code Sec. 545.154. @statesman #
  • Thank goodness! @dragonage support got back to me with the KB article; had to tweak a settings file – but am no longer naked in Denerim! #
  • Left pondering that age-old question again: Do zombies poop? #

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